Reinforced ground beam Bicester

Reinforced Ground Beam Bicester

When it comes to foundations, there are options which will depend on your project. Whether you need a traditional foundations or a reinforced ground beam, Bicester customers can rely on the work of Jason Gillett Groundworks. With years of experience in construction, including concrete work, demolition work and landscaping, to name just a few areas of expertise, they are the best choice for the installation of a reinforced ground beam Bicester has to offer.

What is a reinforced ground beam?

Many construction projects are built with traditional foundations, and in some cases this is the best option. However, a reinforced ground beam is an alternative. It consists of a reinforced bar of concrete. This is designed to take the weight of the building or wall and transmit it to strong piles, which are driven deep into the ground. Whereas a traditional foundation transmits the weight of the building straight into the ground, with a reinforced ground beam Bicester buildings can transmit the weight into specially constructed piles which are designed to take the weight.

Why use a reinforced ground beam?

There are several advantages from the use of a reinforced ground beam Bicester customers can benefit from.
One is that it can be easier to achieve a level foundation with a reinforced ground beam in an area where the ground is uneven or less stable, because the weight is distributed in a precise manner. This has the added benefit of managing the cost of the foundations on a site where the overall stability is uncertain, which means that you don’t risk facing a much higher bill than expected.
Another advantage for the reinforced ground beam Bicester builders use is that they can be quicker to construct than a traditional foundation, and they can be constructed in all weathers. This is handy because it reduces the time taken and the chance of delays. As anyone in construction knows, delays can become very expensive, so anything that can minimise cost without sacrificing quality is a good option.

Why are Jason Gillett Groundworks Bicester’s leading experts for reinforced ground beam?

When it comes to the installation of a reinforced ground beam Bicester does not have a better option than Jason Gillett Groundworks. They are a family run business, which means they have a personal interest in their reputation and the quality of their work. They also have extensive experience in the use of a reinforced ground beam for construction, with a team that has worked on a wide variety of projects. This means that they can adapt to provide your project with the best quality of reinforced ground beam. In the website gallery you can see examples of some of the projects they have completed.

Whether you are investing in a domestic project like a home extension, or you are a manager at a business which needs construction work, you need to know that the work will be quick and affordable but also long lasting and high quality. Why not contact the team at Jason Gillett Groundworks and see how they can meet all these requirements for you?