When it comes to construction work involving concrete, Bicester customers can rely on Jason Gillett Groundworks. They are a family run business with great experience in groundworks, including demolition work and landscaping. When it comes to concrete, Bicester clients will not find a better option for all types of groundworks, including extensions and reinforced beams.

Why is concrete such a useful material?
When it comes to groundworks and foundations, concrete is an incredibly useful construction material. But why is it that, when it comes to concrete, Bicester customers choose this as the construction material of choice?

The concrete Bicester customers use in their construction projects is a simple material. It is a combination of aggregates like sand and crushed rock, with cement and water to activate the mix. When created in a balanced combination, the resulting material has the characteristics of stone. It becomes solid and resilient, able to withstand erosion and carry huge weight without becoming unstable. With the extensive experience of the team at Jason Gillett Groundworks, they always make sure that the quality of materials and the balance of the mix is perfect for the job at hand. This is why, when it comes to concrete, Bicester customers will not find a better option than Jason Gillett Groundworks.

Although concrete mimics the qualities of stone, it has the advantage of being vastly cheaper than stone. More importantly, it is cheaper and easier to transport. It is also quick and easy to work with as it can be poured into any shape that is required. Whether you are looking for a concrete ramp, a slab for foundations, a concrete reinforced beam or another construction requirement, concrete is a versatile material. This is important, because it makes it an affordable building material. Whether you are looking for a domestic or landscaping alteration for your private property, or making an investment in your business premises, or project managing a large construction site, cost is always a factor. With concrete, Bicester customers can gain a strong finished construction whilst keeping the costs to the minimum.

One common use for concrete Bicester customers benefit from is for foundation slabs. This is where a building or extension is built onto a flat, smooth slab of concrete. The concrete levels out the ground and provides a firm footing for the building. The result is that the building or extension will be long lasting and stable. This is particularly useful in buildings like warehouses and garages. With concrete, Bicester buildings not only have a stable foundation, but the concrete can be smoothed to make a hardwearing floor for industrial work or the storage of materials.

Whatever project you have in mind, for concrete Bicester has no better option that Jason Gillett Groundworks. With years of experience at a variety of types of constructions, they are certain to be able to offer you an affordable, high quality service. You can see examples of their past work in the website gallery. Why not contact the team today to see how they can help with your project?