Demolition Oxfordshire

Welcome to Jason Gillett Groundworks Ltd, a local company based in the heart of Oxfordshire. We’re far from being a big company, but we’ve got huge services on offer. By only having a few employees, it enables us to be more personal with our clients. We get to know you, we learn about your issues, and then we solve them. Customer satisfaction is key; we never leave a job until you’re absolutely, 100% happy with the outcome.

Amongst all our construction-based services, we offer demolition in Oxfordshire. This is a highly sought after service, and we work hard to keep on improving it. You’ll struggle to find another company with the experience we’ve got that offers such a great service at such an affordable price.
Expert Demolition Service In Oxfordshire
Our demolition service is very popular as it’s the first step in every construction project involving rebuilds. If you wish to rebuild something, it means you need to knock down and get rid of existing structures. Understandably, this can be a difficult task, and you need experts to help you out.

Step forward JGG Ltd, as we’re completely qualified in carrying out demolitions in Oxfordshire. We have a wealth of experience and training to ensure we know the correct things to do in this situation. Health & safety are two things that come under a lot of scrutiny during demolition jobs. You need to guarantee your demolition is carried out safely, without any health risks present. This is why you need us on-board, as we know how to carry out safe demolitions. Everything we do follows a strict code to ensure we don’t break any health & safety rules or regulations. Our team all wear the correct equipment, and we establish a perimeter around the area to prevent passers-by from getting hurt.

We deal with various types of demolition work in Oxfordshire. Primarily, we help knock down old buildings, such as houses and offices. We can also dig up the ground in the site area to completely get it ready for construction. Combine our demolition service with our groundworks service for a complete package.

As a company with plenty of experience, we’ve adapted our techniques over the years. This means we’re constantly up-to-date with industry standards, and have access to modern equipment. All of this helps us become one of the top providers of demotion in Oxfordshire
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No two demolition jobs are the same, which means we have to tailor our service to you. All this means is that you get a bespoke service that’s designed to your exact requirements. If you have any queries and want to learn more about our demolition services, then we urge you to get in touch. Email is the best way to ask questions, and we try and provide same day responses when we can.

If you’re keen to book a demolition in Oxfordshire, then we recommend you give us a call. Our team can chat about your requirements and give a free quote as well. Now, you’re on your way to enjoying the best and most thorough demolition service around.